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Welcome to VSV-EBOVAC Project

VSV-EBOVAC  – Vaccine safety and immunogenicity signatures of human responses to rVSV-ZEBOV – is a collaborative research programme aimed to characterize the immune response elicited in humans by the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV)-vectored Zaire Ebola vaccine (rVSV-ZEBOV). The overall objective of VSV-EBOVAC is to comprehensively characterize the signatures of immune responses elicited in humans by the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine using cutting-edge technologies combining in-depth human immune, transcriptomics and metabolomics profiling in relation to safety and immunogenicity.

VSV-EBOVAC is a public-private consortium of 12 partners involving experts from academic institutions, scientists of the 3 main clinical sites (Switzerland, Gabon, Kenya), the vaccine manufacturer, a small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research institutes. 

VSV-EBOVAC started in March 2015, is a 3 years project funded by the Innovative Medicine Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (IMI 2 JU). 

Project Description

VSV-EBOVAC started in March 2015, is a 3-year project and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020. Read more

Research Partners

Scientists from 7 countries and 12 research partners collaborate in the VSV-EBOVAC project.