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This new international conference will offer a forum for an update on recent developments and future challenges relating to ‘Biomarkers of Vaccine/Adjuvant Potency and Safety’.

The inaugural BVAPS 2016 meeting will draw on the latest life science research findings to profile how individuals respond to the different components of vaccines at the cellular, genetic and molecular level. Identification and characterization of new biomarkers useful to predict immunogenicity, efficacy and reactogenicity of vaccines given systemically or mucosally will be a main focus of the conference along with discussions on new ways to identify and classify these biomarkers. The impact of genetic background and age on the vaccine efficacy and safety will also be covered by the meeting. It is envisaged that identification of novel ways to better understand the mechanisms of actions of vaccines and adjuvants at all stages of development will enable the acceleration of the development and introduction of a new generation of safer and more effective vaccines. Recent development in cutting-edge technologies such as omics and systems vaccinology alongside state-of-the-art immunological methods that enable in-depth analysis of vaccine immunogenicity, efficacy and safety will also be a focus of the BVAPS 2016 meeting.

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